I am Alive

I am currently not doing much here as I am working my little be-hind off getting the temperament book published and the tantrum book written.  Also I still cannot access my subscriptions – grrrrrr. I am trying to at least stay up to date via facebook: you’ll find me Karyn At Kloppenmum over there a couple of times a day when I grab a coffee. Come join me there and at least I’ll know what you’re up to! 🙂


About Karyn @ kloppenmum

kloppenmum is me, Karyn Van Der Zwet, mother of three and ex-teacher. I'm part of a revolution in parenting, with the aim to raise mature (not sophisticated) and self-assured children. I also know some stuff about adults. I have also had articles printed in The Journal for The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Children and Young People) and the US parenting magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness, as well I regularly write for World Moms Blog (named as one of the Forbes 100 most useful blogs for women 2012 &2013). You can follow me on facebook (kloppenmum) pinterest (Karyn at Kloppenmum) and twitter (@kloppenmum). I'm also vaguely on LinkedIn (Karyn Van Der Zwet). Thanks to Joe (Mr Hare) for taking the photo. Cheers, son: xxxx.
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One Response to I am Alive

  1. Keep plugging away, Karyn. I don’t get much blog reading in these days. I feel neglectful of my bloggy friends. Now I’m really and truly off here to do more spring cleaning. I need to shut down the computer. *sigh*

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