Oxymorons: Any Shorter Than This One?

“Yeah, Nah.”

Otherwise said as, “Yes, No.”

One of the things, with being part of a world community and writing books for people who may or may not speak English as a second language, is I can’t ease Kiwi slang into the work without risking being misunderstood. So as we head into my quiet season (I get SAD) and I madly work on getting the temperament book out and the tantrum book finished, I thought I’d write a tiny post and share a couple of pieces great Kiwi slang. See if you can fit these into some of your conversations and watch the reactions of other people!

“Yeah, Nah” or “Yes, No” this means: Yes I have heard your point of view, but No you are wrong – usually followed by a sentence to explain why the other person is wrong.

“Box of Birds” – means full of energy, also could be “Box of Fluffy Ducks” or even a “Box of Fluffies.”

“Yeah, Right” – sarcasm that means either:

1. No, Wrong in every way.

2. As a dismissive statement implying no-one actually cares (as in when someone is trying to appear smart or more important than than actually are).  

Now shortened to “Tui” (Tooo-eeee) due to a  beer company marketing scheme. (http://www.tui.co.nz/Home/) You can check out some of these on my pinterest page (http://pinterest.com/kloppenmum/)  – I tried embedding some, but I had a techo fail. Sigh. Again. Sigh.

Anyhoo, have a great day.


About Karyn @ kloppenmum

kloppenmum is me, Karyn Van Der Zwet, mother of three and ex-teacher. I'm part of a revolution in parenting, with the aim to raise mature (not sophisticated) and self-assured children. I also know some stuff about adults. I have also had articles printed in The Journal for The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Children and Young People) and the US parenting magazine, Pathways to Family Wellness, as well I regularly write for World Moms Blog (named as one of the Forbes 100 most useful blogs for women 2012 &2013). You can follow me on facebook (kloppenmum) pinterest (Karyn at Kloppenmum) and twitter (@kloppenmum). I'm also vaguely on LinkedIn (Karyn Van Der Zwet). Thanks to Joe (Mr Hare) for taking the photo. Cheers, son: xxxx.
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4 Responses to Oxymorons: Any Shorter Than This One?

  1. Laura Weldon says:

    I’ll make an effort to use yeah, nah” today.

  2. faemom says:

    My degree is in creative writing, and it broke my heart to learn most of the time it was best to write formal. Unless you were working on a specific Voice. So I totally understand your frustration and I applaud your editing efforts. With that said, I heart “box of birds” and will use it to describe my boys from here on out.

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