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Maturity is a Product of Experience, the Real Kind not Manufactured Bullshit

I have just been sitting on a grassy hill, under pine trees and in dappled sunlight, watching my four year-old play in a dam of icy water. (Yes, this is an old picture.) From time to time, as he walked … Continue reading

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Parents: Good Games go Bad – It’s not the End of the World!

This morning our two youngest boys were playing together. Mr Owl, who is seven, was pushing Mr Butterfly, who is two, on the swing. Then he began to twist the swing ropes and Mr B laughed his head off as … Continue reading

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Parents: The Dark Side Of Mimicry

We mimic those around us from as early as 40 minutes old. I remember Craig holding a teeny-tiny Mr Hare in his arms and poking his tongue out at him – sure enough, within a very short space of time Mr Hare … Continue reading

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Your kid is Fat or a Brat? You did it. Now fix it.

…or a bitch or a bully for that matter… As you can probably tell, this is a very blunt post which involves no Political Correctness or pandering to your ego. Every time we tell someone that families are different and … Continue reading

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Parents: What if I’m right? What does that mean for you?

If you’re happy with how your children behave, this is not the post for you. As I read other blogs and listen to parents discuss how they raise their children, there is one common thread – everyone needs to choose … Continue reading

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Parents: Simple Way to Promote Success for Your Children

One of the things many parents struggle with or mismanage is the amount of help they give their children. It’s an important aspect to get right (or as right as is humanly possible) because it can lead to long-term problems … Continue reading

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Wisdom vs Knowledge

The key aim we have for our children is for them to be wise. Although we value education, we have seen that mature people will seek the education they need for themselves. Well educated people don’t always seek wisdom. The difference between … Continue reading

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Time: How you Manage it says more about you than what you thought! (Oh dear)

My lovely friend, Odette, has got me thinking again…How do you manage time? Are you the person who always endeavours to be early – perhaps planning your journey somewhere to the nth degree and arriving well before you need to? … Continue reading

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Over-Protective Paret? Try This…

If we were all aware of our parenting style, and if we could always be conscious of our automated reactions to our children (and avoid/correct/respond more helpfully) – wouldn’t life be so much easier? Sigh. Our brains are built to make mistakes, … Continue reading

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Parents: Some Kids NEVER get Bored

Like most parents, we want the very best for our three boys. We understand that they live in a world very different to the one which Craig and I grew up in. We realise that the ability to adapt, change and think … Continue reading

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