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Ezine – Quick Way to Stop Children Fussing

This is a summary of the Boring Cuddles strategy. It really does work like magic – when we keep our own agendas out of the way. Sigh. Parenting.

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PUNISHMENT: What it IS, What it ISN’T and Why Some of Us Might Need to Get Over Ourselves

We are built with some innate drives and beliefs: food is good and we need to eat it, is a common one. But most of our brain systems are not developed at birth – the way they form depends on … Continue reading

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Kids who don’t Talk about School

One of the most interesting things I have discovered about the human brain is that consciousness is really, really hard work. We often think we are making conscious decisions but the reality is the decision making process takes place in … Continue reading

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Parents: The Rule of Engagement for Tickling

It may seem odd that tickling needs  a rule of engagement, but if we understand what’s happening in our children’s bodies and brains during a tickle-fest we can maximise their usefulness and fun. Likewise when not handled well, tickling can … Continue reading

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Parents: How to Tell if it’s REALLY Naughty Behaviour

Sometimes our children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, do the right thing – but in the wrong place – jumping on the sofa; tipping books off the shelf; pouring mouthwash down the sink; eating a single bite from several apples; etc – … Continue reading

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Parents: Homework!

When parenting for mature children first, and academic achievement second – we need to take a different approach to homework than what is commonly accepted. It becomes more about teaching strategies and less about content. Grades are even less important… … Continue reading

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Parents: Simple Way to Promote Success for Your Children

One of the things many parents struggle with or mismanage is the amount of help they give their children. It’s an important aspect to get right (or as right as is humanly possible) because it can lead to long-term problems … Continue reading

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