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TANTRUMS: Helping Kids When They Dig Themselves Into A Hole

All relationships go through times of emotional disconnection. This is natural and normal and part of being one human living with other humans. When our children tantrum, whatever the reason, these are times when they feel disconnected from us. Sometimes … Continue reading

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TANTRUMS and the Stubborn Child

So, Kloppenmum-ers I had the privilege of two children melting down this week – oh the joys! The first was our eight year-old, our usually lovely boy with an Owl temperament. It started as a simple Possession Tantrum over a … Continue reading

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Seasonally Affected Depression and Me

This post is not meant to advise or provide solutions for other people. It’s personal reflection on my experience with SAD and how I have come to live with it. As we come into a southern hemisphere spring, I can … Continue reading

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Surprising Insights About Tantrums

I am guest blogger at one of my World Moms’ pal’s sites today. It will give you a bit of insight into the tantrum book… Here’s the link:

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99 cent Kindle Version of WHY PEOPLE DRIVE YOU CRAZY is now available

Here’s a very long link because I’ve forgotten how to shorten them. Sigh. Anyhoo, feel free to go and buy or pass the word…

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What is the Difference Between Temperament and Personality?

Here’s the first part of : WHY PEOPLE DRIVE YOU CRAZY: PART ONE – A FRESH LOOK AT TEMPERAMENT written by ME 🙂 (It’s due out in the next few weeks. So exciting!!) Temperament is part of our personality. When … Continue reading

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Parents: How to Tell if it’s REALLY Naughty Behaviour

Sometimes our children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, do the right thing – but in the wrong place – jumping on the sofa; tipping books off the shelf; pouring mouthwash down the sink; eating a single bite from several apples; etc – … Continue reading

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