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Dealing with Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm

Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm, like any lashing out or meanness, are signs of sorrow and pain, or frustration, or not wanting to face a reality that doesn’t fit with current personal paradigms. The first key, for the person on the … Continue reading

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Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm – Bullying TANTRUMS of Sad People

I’ve talked a lot about Karpman’s  Drama Triangle and how those nonconscious (learned but automated) and embedded patterns (they are in place by the age of four or five) can muck up our parenting, without us even realising it. This … Continue reading

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The Importance of Seeing People – REALLY Seeing Them

When I realised how much I struggled with eye-contact, about six years-ago, it has been a favourite experiment of mine to see how well other people are doing. The results, of my unmoderated experiment, are not good. Most people seem to have … Continue reading

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