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Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm – Bullying TANTRUMS of Sad People

I’ve talked a lot about Karpman’s  Drama Triangle and how those nonconscious (learned but automated) and embedded patterns (they are in place by the age of four or five) can muck up our parenting, without us even realising it. This … Continue reading

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So Kloppenmum-ers, where do you fit on the scale of 1 to 10 (1 being least upset, 10 being most) when your children tell you that they hate you? When someone tells us they hate us they are telling us … Continue reading

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Ezine – Unintentionally we can make our Children’s Tantrums Worse

This is a shorter version of the post that went viral…about Karpman’s Drama Triangle and our behaviours during our children’s tantrums. This time, I have used an example of our 11 yo wanting to watch the tele before school. http://ezinearticles.com/?Parents!-Sometimes,-We-Unintentionally,-Make-Our-Childrens-Tantrums-Worse!&id=7930498Continue reading

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TANTRUMS: The Serenity Triangle

In the past I felt annoyed by the whole – “Don’t Do, Just Be” brigade. I could never understand what was wrong with doing. If I didn’t have ambitions and plans, and work each day towards those goals – how … Continue reading

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PUNISHMENT: What it IS, What it ISN’T and Why Some of Us Might Need to Get Over Ourselves

We are built with some innate drives and beliefs: food is good and we need to eat it, is a common one. But most of our brain systems are not developed at birth – the way they form depends on … Continue reading

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TANTRUMS: Do You Make Them Worse or Help Them Ease?

Yeah, tantrum-ing kids can be pretty unpleasant. They can be especially hard work if we’re knackered, stressed or ruminating about something other than them. It’s easy then to slip into the roles we were, inadvertently, taught by our parents or … Continue reading

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