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Dealing with Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm

Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm, like any lashing out or meanness, are signs of sorrow and pain, or frustration, or not wanting to face a reality that doesn’t fit with current personal paradigms. The first key, for the person on the … Continue reading

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So Kloppenmum-ers, where do you fit on the scale of 1 to 10 (1 being least upset, 10 being most) when your children tell you that they hate you? When someone tells us they hate us they are telling us … Continue reading

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Tantrum Prevention: Some Important Hints

So, some of us are heading out of the summer holidays and into the routine of school. One of the most difficult conflicts in modern life seems to be the whole hurry-up-and-wait dilemma that many of us face on a daily … Continue reading

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Parenting Styles and Unexpected Outcomes

I think it was NZ parenting guru Ian Grant who invented the parenting labels: brick wall, jellyfish and backbone. Today I am going to add in an exoskeleton parenting style. Although there are about as many different ways to parent … Continue reading

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Preventing Our Children From Developing Demons (And Healing Our Own)

The book I am reading at the moment has got me inspired and excited. It’s called Healing Developmental Trauma by Laurence Heller, PhD and Aline LaPierre PsyD. If you’re interested in working on your demons it’s definitely a recommended read. For … Continue reading

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Kids who don’t Talk about School

One of the most interesting things I have discovered about the human brain is that consciousness is really, really hard work. We often think we are making conscious decisions but the reality is the decision making process takes place in … Continue reading

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Parents: The Dark Side Of Mimicry

We mimic those around us from as early as 40 minutes old. I remember Craig holding a teeny-tiny Mr Hare in his arms and poking his tongue out at him – sure enough, within a very short space of time Mr Hare … Continue reading

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Parents: Simple Way to Promote Success for Your Children

One of the things many parents struggle with or mismanage is the amount of help they give their children. It’s an important aspect to get right (or as right as is humanly possible) because it can lead to long-term problems … Continue reading

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Achieving Peace in Our Lifetime

About a year ago I had a flash of realisation… Calm is the Soul of Peace What are the implications then for those children growing up in frantic, noisy homes where flashing electronic lights (tv, dvd etc), stress, and lack of … Continue reading

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Time: How you Manage it says more about you than what you thought! (Oh dear)

My lovely friend, Odette, has got me thinking again…How do you manage time? Are you the person who always endeavours to be early – perhaps planning your journey somewhere to the nth degree and arriving well before you need to? … Continue reading

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